A new job and no air conditioner

When I graduated from high school, I wanted a new job. Since I was not going to college, I decided that I wanted a new job that paid a little bit more. I also wanted a job that could give me 40 hours a week. I wanted to make some money now that I was no longer in school. When the plant nursery outside of town called me for an interview, I was so excited. I always enjoyed gardening with my mom. I went to the interview dressed nicely. However, I soon realized that the interview would take place in a warm greenhouse, not in an air conditioned area. I was wearing a nice pair of slacks and a blazer, so I instantly began to sweat. The owner of the nursery still hired me on the spot, which was great. I would be working as a cashier at the nursery. I started the job the following morning. I wore jeans and a work polo, but soon realized that the work attire would keep me sweating all day long. I did not think that I would be in a non-air conditioned environment, but the cash register was right inside one of the greenhouses. It was so darn hot in there, especially once the sun came out. I desperately wanted to have access to an air conditioner. I was so busy that first day. Many customers wanted to buy plants. I kept a smile on my face, despite the fact that I was burning up inside. I was not sure I could continue to work in a place that did not offer air conditioning.