A/C and how it fits

Where I go to school, it’s chilly, more chilly and snowy for most of the year. But, come the summertime it is truly appealing. Most students go back home in the summer, however a few linger on campus and take summer employment at the university; I decided that it would be amazing to spend a summer on campus this year. Since, I completely underestimated the summer heat. My new home was on the third floor of a sizable house, basically, it was up in the hot attic. I didn’t realize that it got so tepid and stuffy up there, because most of the year, it’s chilly outside. A couple weeks into the summer and I realized the heat up there was starting to become unbearable. I spoke to my parents about buying a window unit for the summer, however they said it would be a waste of currency. Afterall, there were only a couple of weeks left in the summer and then I would be moving anywhere else for the semester. I was mad at them obviously, however decided that I would just buy the system on my own. I didn’t have much currency, however it would be completely worth it to me.  Then, I looked around the new home and realized there was not a single window where an undefined unit would fit easily. I was devastated. That night I woke up dripping with sweat having to take a chilly shower in order to cool off. To this day, I have no idea how I managed to make it through that summer. I will never go without an AC in the summer ever again.

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