Air conditioning for my puppy

Now that my daughter is grown up and living on her own, I have become the proud owner of an empty nest.  I now have time to do what I want when I want, and at the moment, that is to spoil my dog.  I love my precious Sugar.  I let her get away with murder, including curling up on my bed pillow and doing nothing all day.  I always said I wouldn’t do this, but I guess since Sugar is my only company now, it’s okay.  She is actually very well behaved, and I make sure that she is always comfortable.  When I go to work, I even leave the air conditioning on, for her comfort.  I naturally turn the thermostat up a bit, because she is the only one home and heat rises, so it is always cooler on the floor.  It also keeps my air conditioning from running as long, or as often.  I do want to use the air conditioning, to keep my Sugar from getting overheated.  I often go away for my job, and I normally try to get a dog sitter to stay at the house while I am gone.  Sometimes this isn’t really an option and I have to kennel her.  I always try to find a kennel that has air conditioning.  She is a Chow and she has a lot of hair.  I know how badly the heat can affect her, so the air conditioning is essential for her comfort.  We live in the south and she is used to having steady air conditioning.  I never even leave the furnace on during the day, during the worst part of winter.  

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