Allergies and our air filters

When I was a small child, the doctor diagnosed me with severe dust sensitivities. My mom made sure that I never got sick, and she had an air purifier setup in my bedroom. My allergies never bothered me very much, mostly because of the wonderful air cleaning system that my mom had installed. When I graduated from high school and went away to college, I did not have the same luxuries as home. There was no air purification system in my dormitory, and my allergies continued to worsen over the first year. There was no way to change the air filters, and my allergies were getting out of control. I contacted my room advisor, and explained the situation. My room advisor suggested going to the college physician, and having them set something up with housing. I didn’t know that any special provisions could be made, so I was happy to have a little help. I went down to the infirmary the next day, and spoke with the physician on duty. I explained the problems with my allergies, and how the air filters were affecting them adversely. The doctor gave me a sheet of paper to take to the admissions office. It was a request for a private room, and a portable air purifier. Apparently, the school keeps special rooms for requests, and I was going to be lucky enough to get one of them. I moved the very next day, and the room was set up with a portable air purifier to help with my symptoms. I was happy that the college made special provisions for me, so that I could study without getting ill.

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