Arctic weather

Where I live there really ought to be no outdoor concerts. We literally never get a summer. Even in our hot season, it is not that scorching. Most of the Summer that rains or is too windy. Which means that outdoor weddings, graduation parties along with concerts are totally unrealistic events. Although, we just can’t help by ourselves. I am going to a concert tonight and I morning already preparing myself for the outdoors. It is Summer but I would not go to the concert without at least some jacket. There is no heating system in any way at the venue, but it would be great if there were certain overheated heated grates. That is a decent enough heater. It would be similar to we were french fries little by little getting cooked. I would liked to be gently cooked and warmed up watching the show. Instead, you don’t have heating so you can dress for arctic weather. I will definitely have a jacket and perhaps a thick pair of pants on. The key is always to have layers that can go try or off. Our weather isn’t predictable in any respect. When our area wanted outdoor live shows and parties, we really should get the best heating system round. There should be giant heating systems upon venue to keep us comfy. Or we could all just finally admit defeat and choose indoor venues. It is easier to work the heating system and the thermostat wouldn’t have to be set to such a high temperature. Everybody wins in that position. I am not optimistic; I think I will consistently freeze at Summer concerts.

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