Cold weather in the fall

I am so annoyed that we are experiencing such cold weather so early in the year. It’s only the middle of October and  already we have had several nights in the mid 30’s.  The skies are cloudy & gray, & it rains nearly every afternoon.  With temperatures as low as they have been, I’ve had to remove the portable air conditioners and close up all of the windows.  I’ve even started to switch out my family’s summer clothing for the warmer sweatshirts and long pants.  I’ve put extra blankets on everyone’s bed because I am not ready to turn on the heat just yet. I know that once I break down and start up the heat, it will run non stop until late spring.  I hate being stuck in a stuffy house with no fresh air while paying high utility bills each month. I am just not ready to face winter at this point of the year. My whole family is complaining about how freezing the house is but I just tell them to put on heavier clothing.  For the time being, I keep reminding them that we have not had our furnace tuned up as yet this year and we shouldn’t turn it on until that is done. I have always scheduled that appointment for the beginning of November and I refuse to make it any earlier. My family will just have to deal with the fact that the house is colder than normal this year. When you spend as many months as we do dependent upon your HVAC system running properly, you need to ensure that maintenance and tune-ups are done properly. By scheduling a normal appointment instead of an emergency call you know that the technician will have plenty of time to check out everything thoroughly.   I am hoping that the weather pattern turns around and we get at least a couple more days of warm weather, but if not we will just have to deal with it.

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