Cooling by the lake

I will admit that I don’t enjoy children much. I can handle them, of course, but I don’t have kids of our own and never want to have them. The main reason I decided to be a university teacher was so I had warm seasons off. I love a warm season trip, so much so that I took a task teaching other people’s kids just so I could keep enjoying a couple months off every year. I usually go to the lake, and rent a lakeside home for the trip, where I do nothing but tan and swim and celebration. As long as the home has cable tv, a nice family room, and a truly working air conditioner, I am an ecstatic person for the entire warm season. I cannot compromise on any of those things, as I need our cable tv and I need a truly working A/C to survive the warm season heat. I appreciate the fantastic outdoors, hiking and biking and swimming in the lake every day, but I need to have a climate controlled safe haven to return to when I finish exerting myself. I will just park it on the couch in our undies and a tee shirt, basking in the cooling rush of the wall mounted A/C unit, and watch movies for hours on end. It is our own little slice of air conditioned heaven, so why would I ever want to ruin it with kids of our own? Youngsters would just complain about the cooling being too cool or the heating being too hot, and make me adjust the control component away from the way I love it.

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