Correcting the HVAC settings

When it comes to the weather, I am an exceptionally  picky person. I’m the first person to admit it too.  For example I don’t like the cold of winter or the warmth of the summer. I’m sure a fall type of guy, I like when the wind can be a bit chilly, but the sun can still warm your skin. So when I was old enough to move I chose to move to the northern coast because it has such a wonderful ideal climate.  Year round the temperatures remain just right, never getting too hot or  too cold and it feels like fall all the time. Imagine my surprise when I still needed an HVAC central heating and cooling system for my home. I thought that since I was now living in such an ideal temperature that I wouldn’t need to rely on my HVAC any longer, but alas I was wrong. It seems that even without needing temperatures climate control, the HVAC system still offered many features to enhance my home life and my indoor air quality. Living this close to the sea puts a lot of salty spray into the air, and this can be corrosive to certain objects if you don’t have air filters that you can purify your air. The easiest and most complete way to filter the air and dehumidify it happens to be with a central HVAC program. So now I have an HVAC system that I run on a daily basis, even though I never operate the temperature controls, I just leave the fans and the dehumidifiers going to keep the air circulating.

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