Fall weather that works great

Well, we broke another record! If it was for most points at my kids sports game or something like that, I would be happy.  However, it is for the coldest days we have ever had in the Fall. We have been having these cold temperatures for over two weeks and I am just not ready for it. It’s only the middle of September, and the skies are cloudy and gray. It rains nearly every afternoon and it is a cold damp rain. With rapidly decreasing temperatures I’ve had to put away all of the box fans and remove the window air conditioners. We can’t even open the windows during the day and it is depressing. I gave up and switched out the shorts and tanks tops for the sweatshirts and long pants.  I’ve even put electric blankets on everyone’s bed.  I can’t bring myself to turn on the heat just yet.  I am reluctant to start paying the higher energy cost.  I think that once I give in and turn on the gas furnace, it will run non stop until March.   I dislike winter and I don’t want to face it any earlier than necessary.  My family is complaining about how cold the house is and they wrap in blankets begging me to change the setting on the control unit.  Since I have not yet gotten around to scheduling our annual HVAC maintenance, I keep telling them that it isn’t safe to turn it on yet.  For all we know, there could be something wrong like a plugged filter or leak in the system. It is not likely but I am not willing to take a chance on having it break down or worse, experience a carbon monoxide leak.  I’m sure that turning on the furnace would be just fine, but I refuse to do so until late October at the earliest. HVAC unit