Finding out what’s wrong

  My best neighbor plus I unwittingly attended a nice concert.  How could both of us just walk in on a really huge concert plus not believe it was even happening?  We were walking the boardwalk plus following a bunch of nice, cute guys.  Blending in with a crowd is straight-forward plus when they walked into the site, both of us simply walked right along.  We had just got into the town, plus both of us hadn’t known that there was a free concert happening at the boardwalk site at all.  We just thought the many guys were cute plus since there were a lot of people gathering around, maybe both of us should check it out.  We didn’t get to see the guys, but the concert was going to be totally cool.  However, the air quality was so awful plus the air conditioning wasn’t on.  I sat down on the floor because I could barely even see in front of my face.  My head pounded plus our eyes weren’t able to focus.  All I wanted to do was fall asleep.  The smoke from the crowd was thick in the air, plus the ventilation plan had quit now working.  Maybe it was simply because both of us had travelled all evening, plus both of us were now heading for almost thirty three hours without sleep, however I blamed all of the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C.  The humidity was sitting on myself and others preferably like a terrible skin, plus the heat was so unbearable.  I just wanted to go sit down in an amazingly air conditioned room.  Someone tapped me on the head plus I looked up in time to hear a small,low voice talk to me.  I had a bottle of water pushed into my hand.  It wasn’t until the very next day that I found out, 1 of the biggest British rock group singers, of all time, had been the 1 to attempt to save me from the horrible Heating, Ventilation plus A/C.

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