Going through my checklist

Wintertime came up especially fast this year. Fall is my all time favorite time of year, as I adore watching the colors change throughout the trees and I really enjoy the weather. The days always start out cool where you almost need to turn on the heater for a few minutes to take the chill away. By the day’s end it can be so hot, you will most certainly be wishing for an AC! It’s pure bliss to me. This time of year, I always make sure to check in with the house’s needs, however once the wintertime hits in these mountains, not much can be done about repairs within the household. It simply gets too snowy and too cold! So, I have been doing our correct checklists day to day. When I noticed the colder air was staying all day long,  I felt that it was frigid enough to keep the furnace running. Then the weatherman started to warn us of an early snow! Immediately after that, as if our HVAC heard the news along with me, I heard a loud screeching crash followed by an awful smell. The cabin started to get frigid unquestionably fast. I asked my fiance at that moment if he called the HVAC provider in for his respected fall service check. Apparently, he decided that there was no need and why waste all that currency when it was running. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have told him about the importance of correct heating and cooling service. We ended up getting into a little argument, until he agreed to take care of the issue at hand.

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