How is this air conditioner going to work?

I am so stupid concerning using new technology. What has helped is that youtube and google have archived so many tutorials that even an idiot such as I can figure some things out. Anytime I have a new thing that requires technology, I really have trouble dealing with it. A project that should take ten minutes will administer me a whole day. I also mess up lots of things I try to install. My parents decided to get me a smart thermostat to get my HVAC equipment up to date. A smart thermostat falls beneath the hard to handle technology category. I have absolutely no idea how to get using this thermostat. To manually do the installation, I just drill it into the wall nearby my heater and additionally the installed AC. That part is super easy, and I can totally get this done. But I have to figure out one way to link my thermostat to the actual HVAC unit. I know this thermostat runs on Wifi and thus every Wifi connected product will pair while using thermostat. So my phone ought to work, and I just download the app to be able to I can turn on / off the thermostat. I also will need to set a climate control program as well. I could easily adjust fan tempo, humidity levels and be alerted on necessary air filter changes. All of that is just fine and dandy however, I just don’t discover how to get the thermostat to then turn on / off the HVAC. How is that going to happen? Is there wiring that links the heater and the thermostat? Does the AC automatically know whenever a smart thermostat is first installed? That’s the part I don’t get.

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