As a child, I remember going through all kinds of testing for allergies.  I had dust allergies, atmospheric allergies, and sensitivities to anything that could cause a reaction.  My parents didn’t like to see me so sick, so they did everything in their power to make my environment more comfortable.  They had this really great air purifying system installed that took out all of the impurities and allergens.  With the  new air purifier, my allergy seemed to not even exist.  After graduation, I went to college, and I moved into the dormitory.  It didn’t take long for my allergies to rear their heads.  It only took a couple of weeks till I could barely breathe.  I knew it was the dust and allergens in the air, and there wasn’t any air purification systems in their HVAC system.  Throughout the first year, I got to the point where I was being hospitalized.  I spoke to my advisor, and she said they could clean the filters, but that would be about it.  She suggested that I go to the school infirmary.  When I went to the infirmary, they were able to get all of my health records.  They gave me a slip of paper to be able to get a different room in the dormitory.  The had rooms that had air purification systems in them, just for the students that had severe allergies.  I was given a new room, all to myself, and I soon began to feel better because of the air purifier.  I was so happy to learn that the school had rooms for special needs like  mine.air conditioner