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The transition from the warmer months to the colder months was seriously short this past year. I don’t believe we even had a fall season this year. One day the outside temperatures were in the high nineties, but the next they were below freezing! There was no transition between running the air conditioner to the furnace. During that time last year, it was especially hectic for me. My children were all involved in sports plus clubs, while I worked full time. My hubby fell down a few flights of stairs plus broke his leg, then our furnace ruptured and flooded our basement. Scheduling the annual service for our furnace totally slipped my mind. When I began the furnace for the first time, I noticed an amazing deal of dust within the air plus the smell of burnt hair. However, with everything else going on, I didn’t think anything of it. When our home felt chilly, I adjusted the temperature control by numerous degrees. I didn’t know that my hubby plus children were also doing the same thing. I was shocked when I read our next utility bill, and noticed our by our heating costs, especially because our home wasn’t even warm and snug. Unwilling to spend that much money again on our HVAC bills, I hired a Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation to examine the furnace. He confirmed that the inner workings were obstructed by dust plus debris. I was lucky that the system hadn’t overheated plus caused a crack in the heat exchanger. He suggested that I invest in an annual service plan, which would include seasonal cleaning, tuning, plus complication shooting. The Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation now calls me when it’s time to schedule my next service.