I am now sweating

I just moved into a multiple room condo at the beach, the locale is 1200 square feet and really modern. I appreciate our new locale and so far have had really little to no problems or even one thing that needed to be fixed. But then,  it just started getting really steaming and warm this season and I have a problem. One of our family rooms gets way too tepid during the day, but that is where I store all of our computer equipment for our business. I have a ½ ton rooftop based air conditioner plan to cool the entire apartment through several different air vents. The other rooms get quite cool and comfortable as it is. I didn’t even realize there was a problem with the extra room until this month when I had to look for something in there. I quickly realized I was covered in sweat. I desperately need to find a solution to monitor and cool this particular  room, however I can’t just turn down the thermostat, If I do,  then all of the other rooms get cold cold. With the air conditioner running on high all day, our quarterly bills are going to be insane. I have tried shutting the other few vents and only leaving the one in the computer room open, but it isn’t really working out as I hoped. I am thinking of purchasing a separate window cooling system component for that room today, or perhaps a small quiet mini split cooling system. I don’t really enjoy the plan of spending more money on a cooling plan when our apartment already has an air conditioner installed in it.  However I need our computer device to stay cool for school work. I am going to have to decide abruptly as the temperatures are going up this week!

air conditioner service plan