I can control my humidity

I never gave much consideration to my air quality until it totally screwed me over. I would use heating in the winter season. I then would use AC inside all summer. I never thought about humidity levels along with the cleanliness of my indoor air quality. The air was just there and I accepted it. Well I always had these gorgeous hardwood floors around my living room. I loved those lovely floors. They looked so modern and classy. They were definitely the most beneficial feature on my house. Well this past winter season my floors were wrecked. How did they get damaged? Well I ran my heating system steadily all winter. Apparently the outdoor temperatures were super cold and the indoor heating had pumped much more heating than usual to battle this. HVAC systems typically dry up indoor air quality. My particular system, combined with the chilly outdoors, made my indoor air levels very dry. Dry air quality causes a whole lot of issues inside of a home. You can get static shock, chapped lips, and even bloody noses. You also can have wood furniture split as a consequence of lack of moisture. My hardwood floors split this last winter due to the dry air quality. I was so upset that the floors would have to be taken out. They looked unpleasant and became a hazard. Now there are plain old tile floors along with an ugly humidifier installed near my home’s furnace. I hate that I have to control humidity levels to ensure that my wood furniture is maintained. Our climate is already bad enough just as it is.

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