I could feel the warmth

This past summer seemed to be really off. It had seemed like we were losing air conditioning from our house very quickly. It seemed like we were losing air conditioning so quickly because my house was feeling a little warm. Usually my house feels very cool. I tend to like the air conditioning turned on very low. Since it is turned on so low my home should feel cold. My house was not feeling so cold. I could still feel the heat creeping in. I wasn’t really sure what was going on so I called my HVAC company. I had also noticed that my HVAC system was running more often. So when the HVAC professionals came to my house after I made the appointment they checked out the system. They said that the system was running just fine and doing what it was supposed to. However since I was feeling some warmth within my house they thought it could be the insulation. They had checked around the doors and the windows to see if there were any cracks. Had there been any cracks they would use a spray foam to seal these cracks. It is really easy to apply. You just spray it right on the cracks and it dries to seal the crack. However in my case the insulation behind my walls was deteriorating. The insulation was no longer there. My house is so old that the insulation has kind of disappeared. So I was going to need to install more blown in insulation. This would take a long time and require me to put some holes in my walls.

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