I hate the way this works

My dad has been using the same portable air conditioning system for the past 20 years. It is one of the largest portable air conditioning units that I’ve seen in my life, in addition to the fact that the device is at least 30 years old. The A/C system weighs in around 100 lb, in addition to the fact that it is rather difficult to transport. My brother Bobby in addition to myself come over every single spring season, in order to bring the A/C unit up from the basement. My dad likes to keep the A/C unit in the basement, because it is out of the way during the winter season. My dad likes to decorate a lot for the holidays, and the portable A/C unit takes up a lot of necessary space. My sibling in addition to myself got the call for the A/C unit a few days ago, and the two of us have been trying to combine our schedules to go to our dads. Everyone of us are not looking forward to lugging that machine back up from the basement, but the A/C unit is necessary in the summer. Bobby in addition to myself have talked to my dad on several occasions, about upgrading to a central cooling device. My dad is convinced that he doesn’t need to upgrade, because the old A/C system still works very well. The two of us have tried to tell my dad that it is heavy and bulky, but he is convinced that the old system works better than anything else.

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