I leave the AC for my dog

Last year, my son got married, and he moved away from the area.  I missed him and I was having a really bad bout of the empty nest syndrome.  I wasn’t dealing with it very well, and I called my brother about the problem.  He had a dog that had just had puppies and he asked me if I wanted to  pick one out.  I knew I couldn’t afford his price for the puppies, but he offered to give me one for my birthday present.  She was the cutest little thing that you ever want to see, and she became my baby.  I know I spoiled her rotten.  I even allowed her to sleep on my bed.  I left the air conditioning or the heating running, when I went to work.  I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable, or to get sick.  My biggest problem was that I often travelled for my job, and I wasn’t able to take her with me.  I sometimes had my sister come stay at my house, and babysit her, but that didn’t always work out.  After all, my sister had her own apartment.  I said had because I asked her if she wanted to share the home I owned.  I no longer had to worry about kenneling my baby when she wasn’t available.  Too many kennels don’t have air conditioning, and I didn’t want my baby to go without air conditioning.  My sister’s daughter is a preteen, and she is capable of watching my baby when her mother isn’t home.  We split the rent and the expenses, and it is working really well for all of us.

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