I love my heating system

We live in a town that resides in a county in the middle of nowhere. There is absolutely no civilization anywhere in sight. The town was excited when a new grocery store was being built, on the other side of the county. It was a giant building, and I couldn’t wait until the construction was done. It was due to open toward the end of November, but it looked like it was way ahead of schedule. The first day that the doors opened was on Nov 2nd. It was a cold fall day, but people were already lined up outside, waiting for the grocery store to open. My wife and I rode together. As soon as the doors opened, I could feel a ¬†wisp of cold air. The heating system was not working. I wondered if it was because the early opening. It has been extremely cold indoors. Without the heating system working well, I was very glad that we had both wore our leather coats. No one seemed to mind the lack of warm air, but I wondered about the heating system so I decided to ask a manager who was in the aisle. He told me that the heating system wasn’t fully functional yet, but everything else had been. They made the choice to open early, despite the fact that the heating system wasn’t ready yet. The manager told me that it was gonna be another week until they had a properly working heating system.

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