I love these air filters

This weekend shall be very busy! I have a great number of random projects that I have to do around the house, and I am hoping that can finish them in time that I can watch football afterwards Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The main project that I have to complete is figuring out tips on how to replace my air filter. I got a new HVAC system a month or two ago, and I forgot to ask the HVAC contractors to give me a lesson on how to replace the air filters, or even just what size I need! They never even left me the user’s manual to this state-of-the-art HVAC unit either. I think that my first option will be to look the brand and version of the HVAC unit up online and attempt to find a site that gives me the info I’m after. I have found user manuals for a nearly twenty-year-old bread machine online, so I am certain that I’ll get plenty of information on an almost brand spanking new HVAC unit! On the off chance that I cannot find any information, I will take out the old air filter, then measure it and take the measurements over to the nearest home improvement store. I do not think that my HVAC should really take any particular brand of air filter, so as long as I actually get my sizing right, I think any old air filter will work. If I can find a good air filter that is supposed to help with allergies, I am going to buy that! With the spring season starting, my allergies have flared up badly, and I think that the better quality air filter may also help. I hope that my air filter shopping is quick and good!

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