I love this air conditioner

I absolutely love getting my nails done. I should actually say that I love it when they are done. I actually hate going to actually get my nails done. That part is not so much fun at all. I hate having to go to the place and talk to people about my nails. I wish someone I knew actually liked to do nails. It wouldn’t be so bad that way. The other part I hate about going to get my nails done is because of the way it smells in there. The place smells terrible. I can smell all of the fumes from the nail polish and the products. It is not just my nail place that smells like this either. It is all nail places that smell like this. They need to invent a stronger ventilation system for nail salons. They truly do because it can’t be good for all of those people working there to spend all day in there. I feel like they might even be cancerous fumes. I really hope that they invent some kind of stronger ventilation system very soon. I use my ventilation system at home and it tends to work very well. However, I am not using all of those chemicals all day long. Now that I think of it, because of the poor ventilation system in there, I’m concerned for all of those people. Maybe I should even stop going into the store to avoid the poor air quality. The indoor air quality really can’t be that good for you. They definitely need more ventilation in there for their own sake. At least I am only in there for a small amount of time and can escape the air quality.

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