I need the right tools

When my cooling system started acting strangely, I didn’t want to call for professional repair.  I was trying to save up some money for a trip to Portugal, and I knew that the cost for a cooling system service would be high. The cooling system was still running, however, it was making some unpleasant sounds and frequently icing over. I went online and studied articles, watched videos and researched DIY sites. I learned that a cooling system does not have countless moving parts.  The design is fairly basic, and I figured that all I needed was the right tools.  From my own research, it seemed that the cooling system was most likely obstructed with dust and other contaminants.  I was confident that I could handle the cleaning procedure and repair the problem on my own. However, I ended up spending an entire morning working on the cooling system. I first had quite a bit of difficulty just getting the thing apart.  I then discovered that the inner workings of the cooling unit were overrun with mold, and an easy cleaning would not suffice. I needed to effectively remove the mold and prevent further growth, but I wasn’t sure what type of chemicals to use.  I also managed to bend the fan blades, break a belt, and loosen several wires. I ended up with a total mess, and I could not put the cooling system back together again. As a result, I had no choice but to hire a licensed Heating as well as A/C contractor to complete the repair, and because of the disaster I have caused, it was overpriced. I would have been far better off calling for a professional cooling system service right from the beginning.  

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