I settled on the HVAC system

I recently converted the attached garage of my house into a nice workshop.  I prefer to restore old wooden furniture so I hunt for hardwood tables, chairs, desks and dressers at antique shops, garage sales and flea markets.  Most of the time, the furniture is priced at a very low price because it is covered in layers of paint or in need of various repairs.  Once I sand it down to the bare wood, make the repairs, and coat it in several layers of varnish, it is worth quite a bit more money.  I keep some of the pieces for my own residence and sell others.  Since I wanted to be able to work on my projects throughout the full year, I needed an indoor, temperature controlled area to work.  I live in a region with truly chilly winter weather, and overly hot and humid warm season conditions.  To maintain the perfect temperature in my workshop, I was is need of a combination heating and cooling system.  Plus, I generate a large amount of dust and fumes with my work.  I wanted a heating and cooling device that would also filter the indoor air, protecting both my health and the furniture.  Humidity can be a difficult issue, because excess moisture leads to mold and insufficient moisture causes wood to crack.  After a good amount of research, I settled on a ductless heat pump for my workshop.  The ductless heat pump had truly little installation needs and combines both heating and cooling capacity together.  It features multi-phase filtration, which effectively traps any pollutants within the air.  The heat pump effectively combats excess humidity inside of cooling mode and won’t overly dry the air in heating mode.  Plus, the heat pump is charmingly energy efficient, so it doesn’t cost me a ton of money to run.  Not to mention, it’s programmable, so I only use it while I am truly working on a project.

central HVAC unit