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I was always in and out of the doctor’s office when I was kid.  They finally realized that it wasn’t my dislike of school, but I was suffering with severe allergies.   Mom didn’t want me to be sick all the time, so she had an air purification system installed in my bedroom, and throughout the house.  It got to the point where I wasn’t really bothered by my allergies because of the air purification system.  When I graduated from high school, and chose my college, I didn’t have an air purification available to me, like I did at home.  By the time I was into my second semester, I was having difficulty breathing, and I spent more time in the infirmary than I did in class.  I talked to my class adviser about the situation.  I explained to her about my severe allergic reaction to every day air.  I told her about the air purification system we had at home, and how I had forgotten how badly my reactions could be.  She advised me to go to the infirmary and explained what was going on.  She told me that I needed to tell them I needed a note for her.  The note was to say that she needed special accommodations because of my allergies.  When I got back to the dormitory, I was shown to a new room.  I had special accommodations that had air conditioning, and an air purification system.  I had no idea that they had rooms with such amenities that were saved just for situations like mine.

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