I’m happy about my air quality

I honestly appreciate getting my own nails done. I should absolutely say that I appreciate it when they are painted and look nice. I absolutely hate going to get our nails done due to the poor ventilation and A/C. That part is not so much fun at all. I hate having to go to the shop. I wish a friend  I knew absolutely liked to do nails.  The main part I hate about going to get our nails done is because of the odors in there. The place smells terrible and there are no vents to clear the smells. I can breathe in  all of the fumes from the nail polish in addition to the products. It is not just our nail locale that odors like this either, it is all nail locales that odor like this.They need to invent stronger ventilation units for nail salons. They really do because it can’t be healthy for all of those people working at the shops to spend all morning in such poor air quality. I recognize like they might even be cancerous fumes. I honestly hope that they invent some kind of stronger ventilation system specific to nail salons. I use our ventilation system at lake new home in addition to it tends to operate perfectly. However, I am not using all of those chemicals all morning long and now that I think of it, because of the awful ventilation system in there, I’m worried for all of those people. Maybe I should even stop going into them until they install an updated ventilation system. It honestly can’t be good for anyone so they really need more ventilation in there for their business’s sake. furnace