I’m wondering about my HVAC system

Getting enough sleep is really important and plays a vital role in terms of how you function everyday. Without getting a reliable amount of sleep, you could really put your body at risk for some serious medical concerns. Knowing this, I have been really concerned about my sleeping pattern lately. I thought I should live off campus because I hate abiding by the rules of the college. I like to enjoy my music whenever I want, go and come as I please, and invite over whoever I’d like to see, when I want. I’m living with two other girls and it can be really challenging. We all have different HVAC preferences and sometimes, it’s a 2 to 1 type of situation where someone gets overruled. It is summer time and often, our HVAC unit is turned off. This baffles me every time that I discover it’s scorching hot when returning at home from class. I’m always wondering if the one who adjusted it is hot in any way. At first, I used so to ask, but I find it completely useless now as it just keeps happening. I’ve been losing lots of sleep because of it. The hot air in my room is just unbearable and makes it extremely difficult for me to have any relief. The fan I purchased to help combat the HVAC problem has done little to nothing to help the situation. I will often wake up the next morning feeling fatigued, almost like I ran a whole marathon or something. I’m unsure what other options I have, but I cannot wait until this school year is over because this is really taking a toll with my rest.

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