It’s so hot in here

Every one of us attended the ceremony of my best friend’s daughter’s about four weeks ago and she was a beautiful bride. The setting for the reception was a local country estate and it was decorated with beautiful florals and the lighting was spectacular outside. The delighted couple was a fan of ballroom dancing so they had a classical band playing outside on the terrace.  Many of the traditional dances were held in this area and some of the events similar to the garter toss, bouquet toss, and even the cake-splitting ceremony. The largest concern for the party with this was the fact that the cake was moved from the air-conditioned area out onto the evening terrace where the summertime temperatures were so quite high even though it’s night.  As every one of us waited for the cake ceremony the mother of the bride was in a sheer panic as she watched the icing beginning to slide down the sides of the cake fast; I absolutely wish they would have left that area of the night inside because you ruin the pictures for them as well. I understand that they wanted the beautiful lighting in the trees to be in the background despite the fact that I assume we could have done something differently because they paid a fortune for the cake only to have it ruined by the intense heat. The ceremony and reception were a lot of fun and I’m delighted that every one of us went. I suppose that the couple will be really delighted in years to come despite the fact that I don’t think that they will be able to forget their cake with its puddle of icing.

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