It’s warmer in here

My dad has always hated spending excess money! One of my youngest  memories is of hearing him and my mom arguing on Christmas afternoon about how many presents she had bought him, then my entire early childhood was spent spending as little  loot as possible; The people I was with and I did not have a lot of excess money, since my dad worked an entry-level task at his job, and my mom stayed at home every day, but my dad was a bit too overzealous, in my opinion, and now that I am a whole lot older and gratefully  not living paycheck to paycheck, it makes me very cheerful indeed to live in contrast to the way that I did when I was much younger. A thing that always reminds me of my stingy dad is changing the thermostat. My dad never really allowed the  house to be set more than a few degrees warmer or colder than the outside climate temperatures; He switched the thermostat constantly so that the a/c or heating almost never came on at all, then in contrast, he had a large window air conditioner component for his sleeping room that he kept running all night, so that he could sleep better. When my siblings and I went off to our school, he would block off every one of the air vents in our room, so the a/c or heating would not go to them. In his mind, this kept the main levels  of the house by the thermostat at a comfortable and level temperature without the Heating and Air Conditioning running very much, meaning that our rooms were either extremely boiling or cold by the time the two of us got back to the home. Now, in my very own home, I keep my thermostat set at an amazing temperature, I only adjust it if honestly necessary, and I refuse to worry about it one bit.

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