Lacking in HVAC equipment

      My fiance and I are planning to marry in about seven a few months. We are also trying to select where we want to go on our honeymoon. We both desire to go to Europe, so we are trying to decide between Germany, Spain, and Italy. We would be willing to visit to any one of those three lands, so we are just waiting to get reasonably priced plane tickets.   

          I myself have been to Europe before, but it will be my fiance’s first trip. I don’t think there is anything that would make our trip uncomfortable apart from the fact that most of the hotels there do not have HVAC units. Those buildings are so old they hardly have cooling systems because the climate is less harsh than the most of places here in this country. Still, this might be a difficult adjustment for my fiance because he is so accustomed to sleeping with the air conditioner running at full crank. He likes to fix the temperature on the thermostat so low that I’ve got to bury myself deep in  the covers to sleep comfortably at night.

         Aside from this issue with the cooling system, I doubt that there will be any complaints from us on our trip. We are both pretty calm, and we’ll be excited to see so many new things. We will be so caught up by all the good food, the art, and the beautiful landscapes that I doubt we’ll be worried about silly things like whether or not we will be able to turn on an HVAC system in our hotel.

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