Leaving the A/C unit

I have one daughter, but she is all grown up and lives in her own home across town. So I am what is called an empty nester. That being the case, my dog gets spoiled rotten. Right now, as I write this, she is all curled up on my bed. I really do adore my dog, and I do let her get away with murder. At the same time, she is mostly well-behaved and doesn’t do anything that I do not let her do. One thing that I always make sure to do is to leave the a/c on for my dog. When I go to work in the morning, I turn up the setting on the thermostat a bit so I am not keeping the a/c running as much as I do when I am home, but still, I don’t make it too hot because I want my dog to have the comfort of air conditioning. Occasionally, I have to go out of town, and when I do, I either try to get a dog sitter to come into the house or I look for a kennel with air conditioning. There are a few kennels around here that do not have any air conditioning at all. In fact, they don’t even have box fans set up in the kennels. I find that ridiculous. My dog is a border collie and she has a ton of hair. We live in the south and she is accustomed to having air conditioning. I do not use the furnace very much at all in the winter, and I would not leave the heater on for her when I go to work. LIke I said, she has a lot of hair. air conditioner