Monitoring the temperature

I’m am relatively new to the AirBnB business. I jumped into a home purchase on the river just about six months ago. It seemed to be a really good investment. I love the cabin and liked having friends and family over for a visit. A friend suggested using it as an AirBnB. I decided to try it and set it up to list and start renting. It wasn’t bad in the beginning when I started out in the spring, but when summer hit I noticed a bit of a rise in my utility costs. I could imagine people were showering more in the heat, but they were definitely using the air conditioner at their leisure. I am always so conscientious when it comes to our air conditioner, so it didn’t occur to me that others would not think this way too. I thought I would wait and see how it panned out when winter came. I faced the same situation in the winter with the heater being overused daily. My utility bill for this HVAC unit would eat the cost of the rent. I called the HVAC provider in town and explained the situation to him and right away he knew what to do. Apparently, I am not the only who has to face renters and their lack of heating and air conditioning etiquette. He installed the Smart Application onto my thermostat later that day and afterward I installed it onto my phone. This way, I was able to monitor the temperatures and I could turn them down or up if I felt anyone was overdoing it.cooling unit