Moving back into the house

My parents have an ancient farmhouse, in addition to we have been asking them to transfer for years. I felt like it has always been a bit too much for them, especially after our Dad was hurt from a stroke; He in addition to our Mom have never wanted to leave, in addition to there has been no real sense to push them until now, then last weekend, there was a large disaster at their house. My Dad has not gotten the oil furnace looked at in some time, a lot of the gears had eroded down, in addition to there was a big accumulation of rust on the inside, the wear and tear on the oil furnace was massive, in addition to it caused a good sized  fire in the basement of the house. My parents were away from the house at the time, luckily, then when they arrived back to the big house, the fire department was already there. A formal and huge investigation revealed the cause of the fire, to be with the oil furnace. Most of the old basement was charred to the very ground, but the rest of the house was left nicely intact. My parents wanted to transfer back into the house, in addition to buy a more modern oil furnace, but now, my partner in addition to I are trying to get them to transfer in with us, or into an assisted living facility. I don’t want to imagine what would have happened, if that fire had occurred in the middle of the day, or even during the middle of the night. I know that our Mom in addition to Dad are set in their ways, but I want them to make the right choice. I guess it’s just about time for them to transfer out of that sizable house in the country.

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