My dog is so happy

After my last child got married and moved away, I was have a terrible time with separation anxiety.  I know people call it empty nest syndrome, but whatever it is, it is tough to experience.  I was calling my daughter a couple of times a day, and she got to the point she didn’t always answer.  My sister told me I needed a hobby, and my husband threatened to divorce me.  He came home one afternoon, and he handed me a gift wrapped box, with holes.  I was curious, and I tried to peek in the holes.   I couldn’t thank him enough for my puppy.   Last week, he told me that he was wondering if he wasn’t being replaced by the dog.  I even let it sleep in the bed with us.  Last week he came home from work, and I had left the air conditioning running on high fan, so my little puppy would be comfortable through the day.  He demanded to know what I was going to do when we went away on vacation next week.  He said we couldn’t take the dog.  I called some people to see if they could puppy sit, but no one was able to.  I ended up calling a kennel.  I made about fifteen phone calls to different kennels within a twenty mile radius.  I only found three that offered full time air conditioning.  My puppy had never been without heating or air conditioning, and I wasn’t going to have him sleeping outside without full shelter, or HVAC.  I settled on one, even if my husband did complain about the price, and along with the HVAC and hotel like comfort, I felt safe leaving my baby with them.

HVAC maintenance