My dog seems to like air conditioning

My daughter recently got married, and she moved out of state.  I miss her, and I was really lone.  I wasn’t dealing with the empty nest syndrome very well, and she bought me a dog.  My puppy has become so spoiled, and I encourage her.  I always said that a dog wouldn’t run me, but she has the biggest brown eyes, and I can’t resist her anything.  She even sleeps on the pillow next to mine.  I’ve also begun to leave the air conditioning on while I am at work.  I turn it up a little, because she doesn’t need it as cool as I do, but I don’t want her to be uncomfortable.  She is a little Shitzu and she has a lot of hair.  I go away quite a bit, and I can’t take her with me when I am on business, so I always try to get a dog sitter that will stay at my house.  I have several family members that help me out, but they aren’t always available.  When this happens, I need to put her in a kennel.  I have very specific needs when I call the kennels.  I want air conditioning, and plenty of room for her to run.  Not all kennels have air conditioning, but I won’t leave her in one under any other condition.  My puppy is used to having air conditioning.  Why would I put her someplace that may have her in an outdoor kennel where it is blazing hot, or locked away in a room, that is even warmer because of lack of air conditioning.  I wouldn’t someone to do it to me, and I won’t do it to her.A:C system