My mother and our air conditioner

My mother has the biggest portable air conditioner I have ever seen. I think the AC device is straight from the 80s. The cooling device is about 200 pounds, a huge square and just about impossible to carry. It is not totally impossible to transport the AC unit since my sister Diane and I do it every year. In the start of Spring my mother gets all over Diane and I to bring down her cooling unit. My mother has to store her air conditioner in our basement for the cold season. So Diane and I have to drag the cooling system out of a dirty, dusty corner and hump it up a tiny flight of stairs. Then the AC unit needs to be dragged down a hallway with rugs that catch on it and then placed in my mother’s room. The moving and cooling set up is just plain horrible. My sister and I get a few months break while my mother enjoys her cooling unit. Then once the weather turns cold, my mother wants the AC put back in the basement. Diane and I have to reverse the process while not damaging the precious cooling unit. I have suggested to my mother to upgrade the cooling device. She refuses since the huge unit still works. My sister and I are tempted to drop the device and break it. All so we don’t have to carry that air conditioner another year. I would even buy her a nice ductless AC unit to replace the older model. I am certain my mom would like this one better too.

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