My mother is so nice

My mom and dad need to upgrade their own A/C system. They have had this large and bulky portable A/C unit for the past 20 years, and my sister and I are tired of lugging it from the basement to the Attic. My parents are too old and fragile to walk up and down the attic stairs, and to walk up and down the basement stairs. My sister and I are there to help them with all of the needs that they have. Those needs include lugging this bulky A/C component up and down the stairs. My mom and dad have been using this have been trying to get them to change to a more modern system. I would like to see them purchase a whole home A/C system that would be complete with climate control. I think that could really help with my parents health, because the air conditioning system would help remove some humidity from the air at all times. My parents refuse to upgrade, because the large A/C unit still seems to work properly. Every time my sister and I come over to Move It from place to place, the two of us secretly thinking about dropping it to see if it will break into a million pieces. It would be nice for the two of us to be able to stop lugging that thing around from place to place. A new HVAC system would be a great addition to my parents home, and I believe it would raise their home value by quite a bit.

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