Not good HVAC guy

I’m a small business owner in a small town, but it isn’t anything fancy, just a local eating establishment that’s been in my family for a few generations now, but I’m cheerful to say it’s a local hotspot plus the people I was with and I get a good business! It’s entirely  crucial to me to keep the family legacy alive, plus that means keeping everything about the eatery in tip top shape for our patrons, but and if I’m going to pass the arena on to my own kids someday I don’t want to leave it a wreck! In any case, the eating establishment had to close for a little while Last month due to a malfunctioning HVAC system, but the air conditioning stopped working plus it would have been impossible to cook food in the tepid home office without any cooling. Plus it would have been really disappointing for all of the patrons to sit in a hot, stuffy arena without any AC, then my cousin is a certified Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman she usually handled any Heating plus Air Conditioning service for me but with him being out of town I had to call in an Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier from the nearest neighborhood to come out plus take a look at things; I hope the a single worker’s behavior doesn’t represent the entire business, because she was legitimately an inconsiderate individual, when she first had arrived she parked in the only handicap spot available, tracked mud indoors plus spoke rudely to me when asking me to direct him to my HVAC system! She groaned the entire time about how inconvenient it was for him to come so far out for this plus she refused to explain what was wrong with the system, simply fixing it up plus declaring what I owed him. At least she did service it, but I hope my cousin is in town the next time the A/C acts up.

HVAC serviceman