Not happy with ac at their place

I was over at a friend’s house the other day, and let’s just say I’m glad for blankets. We had just had a pleasant time at our outlet mall and went back to her house with the intent to play some video games. Getting into her car had me thinking we were keen on sitting in the same temperatures. Both of us were quite at ease with a limited amount of A/C. Once we got back to her apartment, however, a much different realization unfolded. Upon stepping through that doorway, I was immediately immersed in a room that was far too chilly for me. I could hear her air conditioning whir away as I went directly to the couch to put my friend’s throw blanket over my legs. As if that wasn’t freezing enough, she turned on the light inside the living room, but it was plugged into a fan! Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy that my friends are blessed with such a well functioning air conditioner. Honestly, it turned out to have little effect on our games. In spite of the refrigerated air constantly washing over the two of us, the blanket kept me perfectly content as far as temperature was concerned. Our gaming developed into a success, and we both placed excellently in our virtual tournament. Maybe the cold air kept us awake enough to win, who knows?

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