Our cooling system shut off

I had been waiting weeks to enjoy a nice long weekend at my cottage up in the woods, and that moment had finally come last weekend! I was so extremely excited! I packed up three days worth of clothes, a few of my preferred books, and some nice hot clothes. It snowed a lot during this time of the year, so I needed to stay warm on my trip. However, when I got to the cottage, I was disappointed to find that the ancient furnace was not working very well. I wasn’t surprised much. The furnace had been acting funny on my last trip up here, and I never had the heating system looked at. That was why I brought hot clothes! Luckily, the cottage came fully equipped with a nice ancient fireplace. I went out back and chopped up some wood to put in the fireplace, and when my ancient heating system finally started to warm up the place, I decided to call up a Heating as well as A/C worker. I figured that maybe there would be someone available to come repair my furnace. I actually got the answering device at the Heating as well as A/C business, so I left a message and went about my personal business. I relaxed by the fireplace and read a book while I waited for the Heating as well as A/C worker to call me back. He finally called me back about 2 hours later, and said he let me know that he could make it out the next afternoon. I slept by the fireplace that night, and it was a very enjoyable experience! I didn’t even care that my furnace was not working for me. The furnace was fixed the next day, however, and I still used the fireplace for the remainder of my trip because I loved it so much.

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