Portable HVAC equipment

My mother bought a portable A/C unit a few months ago, plus it happens to be the largest unit I’ve seen to date. It looks like the A/C device came from the 1960s. The A/C device weighs about 150 lb, plus is impossible to carry on my own. Every Spring season, my sister Diane plus myself go to my mother’s and order to get the cooling unit from the attic. My mother keeps the A/C system in the Attic, so that it is out of the way during the winter season. Diane plus myself have a difficult time dragging the A/C device to and from the attic. The moving of the entire setup is a horrible disaster, plus my sister plus myself trying to talk to our mother about going with a more modern A/C system. Diane plus myself have talked about replacing the A/C device, but our mother insist that it works best in the house. When the weather starts to get cold once again, my mother has us come over plus put the A/C device back up in the attic. My sister plus myself have been tempted on many occasions, to just drop the A/C system and call it a day. The two of us don’t want to have to continue to move that A/C system from one place to another. I wonder if my mom would be happy with Central A/C. I think my dad would be happy with a new A/C system, because he constantly complains about being warm in the summer season.

portable AC system