Saving money with our thermostat

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to find an appropriate solution to my living situation challenges. I just cannot afford to reside alone in this big town. Rents have grown astronomical alongside the small salaries available for most positions. I had to have roommates all through college, but I hoped I could leave that route when i graduated. But, unless I move to a small middle of the trail town, I am stuck. At least now, I am smarter for it. Before, sharing utilities was that bane of my existence! So many people are just oblivious and careless in regards to heating and cooling usage. They would frequently turn on the heat or the air conditioner whenever they felt like it, with no regard to the temps outside. What really made me irritated was how often they would go out with the HVAC left running! When the end of a month arrived so did the really costly utility bill. We then proceeded to split the costs between all of the people living in the dwelling, whether you used it or not! I was so frustrated to pay for what I didn’t use. Consequently, now, I learned about a smart app. It’s an app installed inside the thermostat and your phone. I’m able to monitor the temperatures and cost wherever I am. The best part of the Smart App is that I can turn on and off the HVAC from my phone when I think people are abusing it. No-one is any wiser for that either!

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