Staying indoors due to ac

I’m usually always cold, but as soon as summer season comes around I am the type of person who sweats more than all the others. When I am soaked with sweat and feeling sick from the heat, everyone around me looks a lot more cool and comfortable. I get myself stuck inside, sitting close to the air vent to keep interesting, as much as I am able to. My HVAC system works overtime inside my home during the summer, so I am constantly cool and comfortable while I am home. I spend most of my time indoors, and I tend to fail to see a lot of summer fun-based activities, because I would rather stay home with my air conditioner than be outside in the heat, sweating right through my clothing. My family is always upset with me because they do a lot of stuff outside, and I always plan to stay home to sit with my air conditioning system. I guess this will seem a bit selfish, but I am just incapable of spending a lot of time in hot weather. I despise getting sweaty. I keep telling my husband we should move to a cooler climate where we would only have to worry about keeping warm with furnace. I really hope we do. I would much favor to wear a few cellular layers and operate a furnace to remain warm instead of dealing utilizing this type of humid weather. If we could choose the perfect location, with the wonderful climate, we may even be ready to save money on our utility bills, because we wouldn’t have to figure the HVAC system very typically.

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