Summer and no ac

I can’t wait for summer, the sizzling heat is my favorite type of weather. While I do love the change that the colder weather brings, I freeze much too fast to be okay with Winter for too long. It seems like I can never wear shorts anymore, and I can’t wait to pull them out again without worrying about whether or not I’ll freeze. But of course, that’s not to say I won’t need a wonderful air conditioner. I still do get a little uncomfortable if it’s too toasty in my home. That’s why I consistently do my best to remember to perform some routine upkeep procedures on my heating and cooling system. It’s nothing that I can’t handle myself, and usually it just involves the air filters. I try to wait until the end of the Springtime because I know there’s a lot of pollen, dust, and other allergens in the air during this season more than any. I figure if I only change my air filters every so often, I would do so just for them to become plugged again. Air filter changes are quick and easy. Of course, if something acts up or there is an alert on my temperature control panel, I will go ahead and call in a specialist. Otherwise, I tend to take care of routine service myself.