The air conditioning being out is a big pain

A few of us decided to seek different employment. All of us had recently graduated from our College jobs, plus we were looking for the type of careers that would pay more money. Both of us needed to find the types of secondary employment that would provide at least full-time hours. Both of us needed to be interested in making money, because it was possible that there was no longer any school for us. Someone in the village decided to contact both of us for an interview, which was equally exciting. Everyone arrive to the interview around the same time, plus we were all on happy to find that the heating plus air conditioning system was not working properly. All of us were dressed in khakis and polos, plus the weather couldn’t have been worse in side. The heating plus air conditioning equipment never function while the whole time that all of us decided to sit there. During one point in the interview, the interview person asked if I was enjoying all of the heat. I tried calling a bit under my breath, not knowing if he was being serious or making a joke to test me. I was happy to be offered the job at the end of the interview, plus two of my friends also got hired with me. All of us were finally going to be employed full-time, but I hoped that the heating plus air conditioning system would be working properly when we finally started. It would be rather difficult to work some days, because there is an excessive amount of humidity during the summer season.

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