The hospital programmable thermostat

     I am a nurse and I work in an operating room. Most people are unaware of how intense this atmosphere is to work in on a daily basis. There are so many little details which might are all extremely important to just about every patient and performance of every single surgery. The need to keep an operating room sterile becomes the largest factor in a patient’s surgery, so they come out the right side of not being infected.

          One way we keep that room sterile is through the vital HVAC system that our hospital has installed. In an operating room, the air conditioning set through thermostat at an all time low. The cold air destroys any and all germs that may be in the air, so that they don’t get to the patient during surgery. Our hospital relies very much on the new HVAC technology. We have every possible gadget known, but I think that the  Zone Control App and the Smart App are most important. These apps enable us to program different temperatures throughout the hospital. We can monitor temperatures while doctors are in surgery, but at the same time not allowing other floors of patients to get too cold. Some rooms with seriously ill patients need heat more than they need air conditioning.

           It can be vital for us to keep a consistent scheduled maintenance plan in place, as well  our filters, which need to be changed out more frequently than any other business..

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