The lack of an air conditioner

My husband, Peter and I are dedicated campers.  Every chance both of us get, we pack up the car and find a new place to hike and camp.  Both of us enjoy exploring new places, climbing up mountains, and kayaking down winding rivers.  Both of us have invested quite a bit of money into a unbelievable tent, sleeping bags, plus assorted camping gear.  We’ve got a campstove, raingear, plus all sorts of gadgets that make camping easier plus more comfortable.  Unfortunately, there’s just no way to make up for the lack of an heating and A/C system in the wilderness.  Despite the protection of the tent, sleeping bags plus thermal clothing, both of us suffer when the weather is extreme.  Whether it’s drastic cold, ungodly humidity, or pouring rain, it’s a problem.  For the most part, both of us savor getting away from our hectic respected lives and taking advantage of some peace and quiet.  Both of us like to hike, fish and cook over an open flame.  For about a week, it’s unbelievable to survive outdoors plus live more simply.  After a full week, Peter and i are both eager to head back to our current conveniences.  I like having running water, a microwave, dishwasher, overhead lights plus a thermostat.  It feels attractive to simply adjust the thermostat to our preference plus let the gas furnace or cooling system handle the rest.  I no longer need to be worried about the weather, struggle to stay dry, or combat bugs.  I entirely sleep better in our queen sized bed with fluffy pillows, soft sheets, plus the heating and A/C system maintaining  an ideal temperature.

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