The power outages are tough

I will soon be returning from a vacation. It wasn’t really a vacation, I was visiting my daughter, who was affected by a recent hurricane that hit all the way down south. As much as I may miss my daughter, I am anxious for my own bed, and to see my husband. These two things go in conjunction with missing my air conditioner. Their air conditioning unit was damaged during the storm, and if they can get the temperature below eighty degrees, they would be accomplishing something major. The power is still going out intermittently, and the air conditioner struggles to keep up with the sudden demand of energy to compensate for no AC that had been missing for a many hours. I am fortunate to live in an area of the country where, aside from an intermittent severe thunder shower, we really don’t have to worry about summer power blackouts. In the winter, we get power outages in blizzards. We have a fireplace and then a wood burning stove, which still keeps our home warm and cozy. My daughter said that she’d rather go without air than go without heating, but we’re allowed to be different. As I said, I am anxious to get back home and enjoy the cool air of my ac, and of course my husband and our bed. I will, as before be comfortable again, and my asthma won’t be acting up. I love my daughter, but she chose to move here. I choose to visit and have the ability to go home to air conditioning whenever I’d prefer and to be the frustrating mother and mother-in-law whenever I’d like.

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