The temperatures are not that extreme

Winter has arrived early this year and I’m really not ready for it, After 2 weeks of temperatures in the mid-fifties during the day I finally broke down and took out my window air conditioners. It’s only the middle of September and I am definitely dreading changing over to winter attire anytime soon. The skies are cloudy and gray, and nearly every morning we wake up to a cold rain falling. With the fans put away and windows closed up, we are subjected to the stuffy stale air that makes my allergies go crazy. Not to mention the increased paying those high monthly utility bills that come with running the HVAC system non-stop. I just hate winter and I don’t want to face it any earlier than necessary.  My whole family is complaining about how cold the house is but I just tell them to wrap up in blankets and put on heavier socks.  Since I have not yet gotten around to scheduling an annual, professional check up for the furnace, I keep telling them that it isn’t safe. For all I know, the inner workings of the unit could be clogged with dust and other contaminants that would be spread around the house if we turned it on before a cleaning. Or it could back up completely which could expose us to carbon monoxide poisoning.  I’m sure that operating the furnace would be just fine, even still, I refuse to turn it on for a least another month.  I am really hoping that this cold stretch will pass, and the weather will warm back up.  

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