The truck lacking in HVAC

A couple of friends and I decided to take a long road trip to visit another former college roommate who only recently graduated from basic training. Unfortunately, it was a 10 plus hour drive to the destination, and because of the drive, we were all dreading the trip! My friend, who has the car, recently told me that the air conditioning was no longer working. I knew then that we would be in for a long drive without air conditioning, but the weather wasn’t really that hot, so we were all hopeful. We boarded the auto around nine thirty in the morning, with the weather still brisk, but certainly not freezing. By the time it was noon, however, the outside temperature had reached a much higher 97 degrees. To me, it was really sizzling inside the car, as well as the humidity was enough to choke us all and even with the windows rolled down all the way, the two of us were still suffering. We decided we wanted to go inside a restaurant to enjoy some cooler temperatures so we finally got off the road for supper.  Our meal was really tasty, and yet it wasn’t really extravagant either. After our meal, the two of us walked back outside and the heat hit us in the face. I already knew that I was ready to get to our destination, but I also knew that I didn’t want to get back into that car. We still had 4 more long and hot hours of driving to go, and it did not appear to me that the weather was going to cooperate. We begrudgingly got back into the car, and as the driver turned the key, we realized the car would not work. No matter what the two of us did, that car engine would not turn over at all. Now, the way I see it, the two of us were stuck without much money in a totally unfamiliar place, as well as now we have an even bigger, automobile problem.  That road trip was understandably one of the worst-ever road trips of all road trips and yet, it didn’t have much to do with the air temperature.  

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